Private sessions are designed for either the beginner or advanced.  One-on-one instruction provides the client with a customized workout to meet their individual needs and goals.  Each session you will experience the many benefits of increased strength, flexibility, improved posture, body awareness and an overall sense of well-being designed specifically for you.  Privates are focused sessions appropriate for clients who are post-rehab of an injury, want to change postural habits, improve their competitive edge as an athlete, or just alleviate muscle imbalances and stress.  You will experience a full range of equipment to include the Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector/Arc, Mat and a multitude of small props. The intensity of the workout is designed for your level and how you’re feeling that day.



Semi-private sessions offer a similar individualized training approach as a private session, but with a partner. These sessions are more effective if both participants are at the same level.   Semi-privates are less goal driven unless the two clients have the same goal(s).


Group Mat

Mat classes are based on the floor work developed by Joseph H. Pilates, strengthening the core muscles in various postures and exercises.  Using the body’s own resistance,  a series of movements are performed to improve circulation, breathing, posture, and body awareness.  Mat classes may incorporate small equipment such as bands, Pilates Ring/Circe, arc barrels, foam rollers, stability balls, weights, Bosu balance trainers and more.  Mat classes are offered on a demand basis.  A minimum of three clients is required for a mat class and all levels are welcome to participate.  Pluff Mud Pilates and Fitness will offer a series of mat classes throughout the year with different themes.  If you are interested in organizing a group mat class please contact Meredith by email.


Goal Setting Bootcamp-40 Day Challenge

Whether your goal is to prepare for a 5K, half marathon or just get your body moving, Meredith's training and personal experience will help you meet your goals.  Make a 6 week commitment to train with her and she will keep you accountable and coach you through achieving your goals.  You will create attainable goals that can be completed within the agreed time frame.